How Do You Market to the Military?

How Do You Market to the Military?

The best way to market to the military is to go straight to the hub of their operations: military bases. There are over 5,000 military bases in total with about 600 of them overseas. The biggest military base at Fort Bragg houses 260,000 military members and their families alone. But, getting on base to reach the hundreds of thousands of people that make up the military market is different from your average retailer. If you’re wondering “how do you market to the military,” then keep reading for tips from the experts at SMI.

Get Your Products on Base

Military bases provide everything military members and their families need from housing to groceries to entertainment. Each base has an Exchange, which can be compared to mega stores like Wal-Mart or Target. These exchanges provide discounts and a centralized shopping experience for military members and their families, which is especially essential for those living on bases overseas. When you’re looking up, “how do you market to the military,” information about Exchanges will inevitably show up. That’s because getting your products on base and in Exchanges is crucial to reach your target market effectively, but becoming a supplier for Exchange facilities is a tricky process. Luckily, brokers like SMI specialize in this niche to help get brands on base without all the hassle.

Understand the Demographic

Your brand has the potential for immense success in the military market, but you need to know who you’re targeting in order to build an effective strategy. When looking up “how do you market to the military,” it also requires doing research on demographics. For example, did you know that the majority of active duty military are 25 and under? Over half, or 53.5% to be exact, of military members are also married, which means their wives are living on base with them too. In addition, over 40% of military personnel had children in 2016. There is potential for every brand in this market, but research like this is essential to supporting your marketing efforts. That’s why SMI has collected data on demographics and shopping habits over the years to inform our clients’ strategies and set them up for success.

There are over 30 million authorized Exchange shoppers waiting to purchase from your brand. If you’re wondering not only “how do you market to the military” but also how to do it effectively, SMI is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our data-backed strategies and processes.

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