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From our strategic recon & analysis to our tactical mission support & execution, SMI’s services have you covered. Jump to the service that interests you most by clicking the icons below:

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  1. Managed Services & Programs

  2. Retail Reach & Activation

  3. Consumer & Brand Engagement

  4. Innovative Technology & Data Intelligence

  5. Performance Monitoring, Reporting & Dashboards

  6. Interactive Survey, Review & Reporting Program

Managed Services and Programs

SMI provides full-mission support for our clients with headquarters buying teams, as well as supply-chain, operations, and marketing teams. Our strategic successes come from a perfect blend of analytics, innovative planning, retail savvy, reliability, and trust. Our deep knowledge and engagement with retailers and product categories equip us with the skills to create winning tactical plans for our clients.

Our managed services & programs include:
  • Customer relationship management
  • Category leadership, and management
  • Space optimization at the peg/shelf/fixture/shop-in-shop level
  • Strategic and tactical management of promotions, assortments, launches, targeted store programs, and initiatives
  • Joint business planning and creative solution development
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Retail Reach & Activation

Our HQ and Field Leaders deliver winning results in more than 750 stores, spread across most of the world with precision, speed, and agility. Our clients have recognized us time and again for our tailored retail solutions and execution. Best of all, our retail partners call on us first when they are faced with a complex, demanding project. Our retail reach and activation impact the point of sale with services that include:

  • Product placement at the right place, right time, right price for launch, reset, seasonal focus, and ongoing availability
  • Promotion support, POP placement, display set-up and sales support
  • Program execution from surge-teams for focused initiatives and events, to pricing audits, competitive shop-outs, demo negotiation, and setup
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Consumer & Brand Engagement

Engage consumers in the moments that matter. In today’s market, it’s increasingly hard to be heard above crowd. Our consumer and brand engagement teams help brands separate the signal from the noise and touch customers directly. We create strategic, powerful, interactive moments between brands and consumers through in-store and in-community campaigns, and events. Our dual-focused engagement programs include:

  1. In-Store:

    • In-store product demonstration & sampling
    • Brand ambassador & retail-tainment events
    • Consumables tasting events
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  2. In-Community:

    • Brand site-activation at air-shows, fitness, military appreciation, music & family activity, and entertainment events
    • Sponsored placement & participation in specialty events from military support events like community marathons, aircraft carrier homecomings, and the Best Ranger Competition to music festivals and entertainment events on military bases
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Innovative Technology & Data Intelligence

SMI’s advanced analytics team combines marketplace savvy and world-class talent with their unmatched suite of data sources, tools, and BI Technology. We dive beyond just analyzing what sold over the last month, quarter, and year. We integrate data points from the supply-chain, promotions, shelf sales, associate observations, and consumer feedback for a 360° view of critical insights and trends. We craft solutions while there’s still time to act and change outcomes.

Our Innovative Tech & Data Services Include:

  • Category, POG, store, and shopping cart level analytics
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Hyper-targeting of consumer/retail performance (down to the hour)
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Performance Monitoring, Reporting & Dashboards

Knowing what just happened, why it happened and what it means for your brand is required to manage a successful marketing mission. But this information is often the most difficult track in meaningful and timely ways. SMI’s Field Support System has been recognized by CIO 100, Information Week, and more. We couple our passion for excellence with our award-winning technology tools and retail expertise to keep you informed, equipped, and on-track with your mission goals. Our team leverages SMI Retail IQ™, our customized on-demand, project, and QC field management tool to provide you with:

  • Real time dashboards, photo-reports, and management/KPI tracking
  • Field intelligence, engagement, and execution reporting and analysis
  • Sales promotion performance, effectiveness analysis and reporting
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Interactive Survey, Review & Reporting Program

Identifying your customer’s past behavior is easy… just look at the data. Knowing what your customer is THINKING and where their wants and needs are trending this month is hard. That’s why we invest in great technology, tools and talented field operators to capture customers’ opinions, responses, and interests on a routine basis and ad-hoc as needed. Our consumer insight services include:

  • Market/demographic survey missions
  • In-store product demonstration/sampling
  • Consumer and store-associate scorecard reporting

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