Know Your Military Demographics

Know Your Military Demographics

If you don’t have a clear picture of your target market, how are you supposed to reach them effectively? That’s why at SMI, we use detailed data and insight on military demographics to better reach active-duty members and their families shopping on military bases around the world. See why we’re the experts in knowing the ins and outs of the military market.

What are the key military demographics?


– 68% White
– 12.3% Hispanic
– 4.8% African American
– 4.4% Asian


– 84.1% Men
– 15.9% Women


– 91.2% have a high school diploma and/or some college experience
– 8% of enlisted members have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher
– 85% of officers have a bachelor’s degree or higher

Marital & Family

– Just over half (53.5%) of active duty military members are married
– Across the active duty and selected reserve population, there are 2,718,922 family members, including spouses, children, and dependents
– Overall, 40.5% of military personnel have children in 2016

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Gain Loyal Customers

It is especially important to note that the majority of active duty military are 25 and under. This age group is vital to marketers because this is the time in a consumer’s life where brand loyalty and shopping habits come into play. Loyalty is also a highly encouraged trait for those in the military, which means active duty troops often shop the same brands after moving into civilian life. See how this key insight on military demographics plays into ad responses on military bases:

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Why market to the military?

First and foremost, the military market is a global community located in both U.S. and foreign territories. That’s what makes it a $12 billion market, as its size alone is a behemoth for marketers to tap into. Of all the military members and their families that are living on bases around the world, 30 million of them are authorized Exchange shoppers, and that means there are millions of potential customers for your business. Our data on military demographics doesn’t lie, so why not benefit from marketing to the military?

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At SMI, we ground our marketing efforts in data and analytics to provide direct results to our clients. If your brand is looking to reach a young, global audience, contact us today.

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