Veterans Shopping Privileges Expanded by Military Stores

Veterans Shopping Privileges Expanded by Military Stores

Increased Veterans Shopping Means More Sales in Military Markets

Military Exchanges started the New Year off on the right foot by expanding veterans shopping privileges in stores on bases. Previously, only veterans who are 100% disabled were able to shop on military bases, as well as uniformed service members, their dependents, and retirees. Now, veterans who are Purple Heart recipients, former prisoners of war, and those who have 0-90% service-connected disability ratings have the opportunity to shop at Exchanges. Approved caregivers are also eligible for such privileges. (For more information on who has access to military Exchanges, visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.)

How do veterans shopping affect your business?

Veterans make up a majority of the military market of buyers. Around 7.9 million veterans were previously eligible to shop in Exchanges before this law was enacted. They make up the most shoppers out of the 13 million authorized Exchange shoppers that include active duty, family members, and several other groups.

With this law in effect, now an additional 4.1 million veterans are able to shop in military Exchanges. That means 4.1 million more people can access your product in military Exchanges around the world. More veterans shopping means more buyers for your product and increased revenue for your business.

Why should my business be in the military market?

The military market is a global entity located in 88% of U.S. territories, as well as foreign territories around the world. As a 12-billion-dollar market, many brands partner with us to get a slice of these sales for their businesses. We are capable of getting your product on military bases and making you a part of this market with millions of new veterans shopping.

Who is Specialized Marketing International (SMI)?

At SMI, we work exclusively with the military market and provide the best services as a top military sales broker in the nation. We’ve worked with name brand businesses and start-ups to increase their brand awareness and sales through military members. Our top-notch data collection and analysis consistently tracks your product’s life cycle and encourages growth in the market. Learn what we do for you as a strategic partner in your product placement, customer engagement, and more. Contact us today to tap into this billion-dollar market and give your brand global reach.

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