How to Get Your Product into Stores on Military Bases

How to Get Your Product into Stores on Military Bases

What audiences are you currently targeting through your brand’s marketing efforts? Chances are you’re missing out on a fairly large and profitable consumer market: military members and their families. Did you know that there are 30 million shoppers around the world looking for your product in stores on military bases? Specialized Marketing International (SMI) is here to help you connect to this 12-billion-dollar market of military members and their families around the world.

Why Partner With SMI?

There are only so many products to choose from in stores on military bases, and it’s especially difficult for those that serve overseas. By working with SMI as your military sales broker, you can expand your brand’s reach greatly to get your products into the hands of the men and woman who are fighting for our freedom. Working with a military sales broker is the easiest way to get your products onto a military base, but once they’re there, you don’t want them left to gather dust. When you partner with SMI, you will receive an assigned, dedicated team to help sell your product through maintaining inventory, providing analytics, supporting ECOM initiatives, and more.

Furthermore, members of the SMI team are stationed at stores on military bases to ensure your products look their best and that customers are well taken care of. We offer our clients in-store product demos, product displays, and even quality controlled events to help promote your product to military buyers. Businesses are also sent custom reports on their sales performance, share performance, and performance-to-plan to ensure your product’s welfare, all without you having to lift a finger. SMI prides itself on innovation and is constantly revamping its displays, demos, and services to make the in-store shopping experience the best for both your product and military families.

Offer Military Members a Taste of Home.

Military members appreciate the convenience that stores on military bases offer, but even more so, they appreciate the connection to home that they bring. Your products will offer a taste of home and familiarity to those who are serving our country and their families stationed overseas. About 20% of our military shoppers are overseas and are in need of products like yours in stores on their military bases. 

Ready to grow your business and give back to the military community? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to partner with us and to make a difference in the lives of military members and their families. Tap into this 12-billion-dollar market and get your products into stores on military bases this new year. Contact SMI today by calling (800) 527-5235 or by visiting

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