Tips for Advertising to Military Members

Tips for Advertising to Military Members

Have you been considering marketing to the military? If so, you probably know that the military market is a 12-billion dollar industry! Grabbing just a fraction of a share in this market could be huge for your business. As a result, SMI is here to help get you in front of the right audiences when advertising to military members and their families.

Why advertise to the military?

Don’t let your product sit on shelves in military bases and collect dust. SMI helps get the military interested in your product or service through advertising. Our data will direct your ad spend in the most efficient and effective manner. For example, we know that 68% of military members find ads more meaningful when they are seen on-base. Additionally, on-base newspapers that show ads get a 56% conversion rate. To sum up, statistics like these are crucial for advertising to military members effectively.

What are some ways to connect with military audiences?

Advertising to military members and their families is extremely effective. The key is in having a message that resonates with this audience. You can greatly increase your brand awareness through offering military discounts, or simply by partnering with organizations that make a difference in the community. In fact, 9 in 10 military shoppers act on brands supporting military causes. Some organizations that support this include the Military Spouse Employment PartnershipUSO, or The American Fallen Soldiers Project.

Therefore, the military market sees that you are loyal to their cause when you partner with one of these organizations. Their respect for your brand increases, which means their willingness to purchase from you increases as well. Military members pride themselves on loyalty, and they are often loyal to brands they bought on base even after they go back to leading civilian lives off base. By advertising this to military members, you will get their audience to trust you and grow purchase power.

How is SMI effective in advertising to military members?

We base our marketing strategies on data-driven statistics that get our brands results. It is important to understand the demographics that make up the market when advertising to the military. One of the key ways to reach military members and their families is to know their backgrounds, education levels, marital status, and other key factors that affect their purchasing. That’s why we gather all of the information necessary to effectively hone in and target military members and their families.

To conclude, our omni-channel expertise in marketing to the military, including advertising to military members, supports your retail efforts through all parts of the sales journey. From initial product recognition, to building brand trust, to the product sale, we deliver the best services to get your brand successfully marketed to the military. Learn more about what we do or contact us today to get your brand on military bases around the world.

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