The Best Military Advertising Techniques

The Best Military Advertising Techniques

Advertising on civilian media is much less regulated than advertising on military media. The Department of Defense (DoD), which provides command and control of military forces in peace and war, has strict policies in place for advertising on military bases on U.S. and foreign soil. Although creative content is more regulated on bases, the military market is extremely lucrative and profitable. As a renowned military broker, we’re giving you the best military advertising techniques to get you started.

Understand the Policies

There are strict policies when it comes to advertising on bases to military members and their families. In addition, each branch of service (Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.) take the DoD’s policies and further define it. Not only do you have to know the DoD’s policies, but if you want to advertise effectively on different types of military bases, you have to be aware of how their operations differ. Then, commanders have the final say of what can be shown on their installation. Essentially, there are three tiers of policies you have to be aware of to inform your advertising strategy.

Know Your Platforms

There are a variety of media that can be used as potential advertising platforms on military bases. Classic print advertising is available on military installations through on-base tabloids and publications. There is also in-store advertising such as Point of Purchase displays to help get your product noticed inside Exchanges. In addition, digital advertising through e-mail, ECOM, and social media is also another way to reach military audiences. Our military advertising techniques use an omnichannel strategy which has been proven to effectively target military members and their families.

Although it may seem like marketing to the military has limited potential, the opportunities are endless. This $12 billion market is only continuing to grow and we’re seeing more and more brands interested in getting their products on base. SMI is a military broker that knows the ins and outs of the military market and will provide you with the best military advertising techniques to deliver results. Check out our services and contact us today to get started with marketing to the military.

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