How to Reach the Military Retail Market

How to Reach the Military Retail Market

SMI is proud of our partnerships with both internationally recognized and emerging brands dedicated to making a difference in the lives of service men and women. By partnering with SMI, these brands have unlocked the potential for growth and success that lies within the military retail market. With our effective marketing strategies, our clients are able to maximize their own business planning and brand development.

Reach a Large New Market

Military Exchanges serve a unique customer pool of over 30 million eligible shoppers, and each retailer operates with different strategies and budgets. SMI provides key military retail market insight and knowledge to better assist our brand partners position themselves in the field. Our at-the-shelf service in over 750 stores worldwide, allows us to provide custom solutions for each client’s unique challenges.

Whether you want your products to be available world-wide online or on military bases, SMI has the ability to provide your brand comprehensive retail support. With 12,000 products already online, our dedicated Ecommerce team takes care of content and product setup, maintenance, inventory management, EDI services and product order management. Our retail services are tailored to your brand’s needs but can include product placement, promotion execution, real-time reporting, customer engagement and associate product knowledge training.

Choose SMI

The military retail market has the ability to take your brand to the next level and bring you lifelong customers. As your military broker, SMI is dedicated to providing you with game-changing growth. We forge strong relationships, offer end-to-end solutions and want to help you continue to drive success. By partnering with us, you are making a difference in the lives of service members and their families as they protect and serve us. To better understand the services SMI can provide you, contact us today on our website.

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