Why Your Brand Should Use a Military Marketing Strategy

Why Your Brand Should Use a Military Marketing Strategy

If your business needs a new marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place. At SMI, we help brands break into the military market, which is a $12 billion industry! Your company should utilize a military marketing strategy to increase sales and brand loyalty, all while supporting our troops. Keep reading to learn more about why you should bring your brand on base with SMI!  

Expand Your Customer Reach

The military sector is a largely untapped market of consumers seeking products from a wide variety of industries. At SMI, we can help you navigate this complex global market to reach these consumers with specialized marketing tactics. Our military brokers are experienced in the military retail market and know how to make your brand appeal to this audience and send brand messages that will resonate with them. SMI’s military marketing strategy is time-tested and effective at expanding your customer reach!

Our Marketing Methods

At SMI, we use marketing methods such as print ads, in-store advertising, store demonstrations, and more to reach the military consumer directly. The on base method can also be supplemented by digital marketing strategies such as email blasts, ecommerce, and social media marketing to help drive traffic to the military base. The Department of Defense has regulations and restrictions on what is allowed on the base and who can advertise, which is why it’s crucial to work with a military broker like SMI to help you implement your marketing strategy effectively.

Specialized Marketing International

When choosing a military broker, you need a trusted company that does more than just getting your brand on base. Specialized Marketing International (SMI) goes above and beyond to ensure your military marketing strategy is successful. In addition to marketing strategies, we offer ecommerce, consumer insights, business intelligence, category management, and more! We help your business navigate the details involved with entering the military market. Contact us today if you’re ready to bring your brand on base!

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