Why Should I Use an AAFES Broker?

Why Should I Use an AAFES Broker?

If you’ve been interested in having your brand support the military community but aren’t sure where to start, SMI is here to guide you. One of the best ways you can serve military members and their families is by selling your product on bases around the world through an AAFES broker. The Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) gives you a solid ROI while also giving back to those who serve our country. Learn more about its benefits!

How does the AAFES give back?

Military Exchanges are different from regular retailers in that they enhance the quality of life for those living on base. Military members and their families get access to high quality brands like yours for better prices and incentives. As an $8 billion-dollar retail organization, each Exchange’s earnings provide substantial dividends to support morale, welfare, and recreation programs that directly affect our servicemen and women. They also support troops by providing combat uniforms, donating millions of school lunches to on-base students, and by providing a major source of employment for veterans and military family members.

What are the benefits of using an AAFES broker?

By using an AAFES broker, you can get your product on bases quicker, build a strong network of repeat customers, and directly support our troops. It takes time and knowledge to work your way into the military market amid all of its regulations and special requirements. That’s why companies like SMI specialize in the military market and Exchanges to help any type of business from start-ups to big name brands to get on base. The Exchange is a multichannel retailer, which is why we’ve tailored our services to address all facets of the military market. Not only do we get your brand on base, but we also provide strategy and invaluable insights to help your product succeed.

Selling your brand in a specialized market like the AAFES requires the right strategy, right people, and right tools. As a top AAFES broker, we provide all of this and more to help you achieve your goals while serving the military community. If you’re interested in joining the military market, contact us today!

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