Your Partner in the Military Resale Market

Your Partner in the Military Resale Market

The Military Market

The military resale market is a vast market of over 30 million potential consumers, amassing over 12 billion dollars in global sales each year. Specialized Marketing International (SMI) is a military marketing company specialized in partnering with brands seeking to enter this sector. Working with a military broker helps optimize your products’ availability on the shelves of over 10,000+ Exchanges and exposes your products to a very loyal customer base. 

Our Services 

Entering or growing market share in the military resale market looks different for businesses in any industry. SMI offers a wide variety of services that can be tailored to fit the needs of any business interested in military resale. As category experts, SMI provides business planning, strategic management services, eCommerce services, brand development, retail planning, business solutions, and more. SMI uses business intelligence tools to help set and monitor business goals and sales progress. We offer expert retail knowledge, product promotion, inventory services, and have a dedicated ECOM team assisting you in the eCommerce sector. We offer category management services to help see a holistic view of your business’ performance in the military market. Our services’ success is most clearly visible in our partnerships with notable brands in the military market, such as Microsoft, S.C. Johnson, BIC, and Colgate, along with many others. 

The Difference

When you choose to enter the military resale market with SMI, you are not only getting access to our services, you are gaining a partner. As a military broker, SMI uses our vast network of resources and relationships to help create business solutions for our partners and military retailers worldwide. SMI uses years of experience to help businesses of any industry navigate the complexities of this market, as well as to provide comprehensive support to our partners. When you choose to partner with SMI, we will provide outstanding service, expertise, award-winning technology, and tools for any of your business’ needs. If your business is looking to break into the military resale market or grow your market share, SMI can be an experienced partner you can trust. Contact us today for more information about our services!

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