What Services Do Military Marketing Companies Provide?

What Services Do Military Marketing Companies Provide?

What Services Do Military Marketing Companies Provide?

The military sector is a largely untapped market of consumers seeking products from a wide range of industries. Military marketing companies help brands navigate this complex global market. Specialized Marketing International (SMI) offers a comprehensive range of services suitable for businesses in any industry wanting to tap into the lucrative military and veteran sector. 

Strategic Management

SMI is one of the premier military marketing companies specializing in representing brands desiring to target military and veteran consumers. Many military consumers are looking for familiar brands on base. These consumers are incredibly loyal customers who often continue to purchase the same brands even after leaving the service, creating valuable, long-term relationships. As channel experts, SMI offers strategic management services and works to increase brand reach between businesses and military consumers. SMI provides dedicated category experts, business planning, brand development, retail planning, brand positioning, and business solutions. These services help maximize brand potential in the market. 

Market Knowledge

Military exchanges serve over 30 million potential shoppers and make up a 12 billion dollar global industry. As a specialized sector, it takes knowledge, resources, and a strong network to tap into this market. As one of the longest-running military marketing companies, SMI has years of market experience, data, and a vast network of resources and relationships to draw on compared to other military marketing companies. Using strategies developed over years of experience, SMI will provide the tools, data analytics, market research, consumer engagement opportunities, product placement, and years of experience to ensure your business’s success in the military market. 

Global Retail Services

SMI provides tailored retail solutions specific to your business’s challenges in the military marketplace. Some of these services include product placement, product promotion, inventory services, retail activation, retail associate product knowledge training, and more. SMI offers business intelligence tools that include interactive, real-time sales dashboards, customized sales reporting, data management, and point of sales data to help your business stay on top of your goals. 

As experienced category managers, SMI offers a holistic view of how your product performs in the military market. This includes managed inventory, purchase order tracking, forecasting analysis, performance analysis, and recommendations. 

Additionally, SMI provides eCommerce solutions with a dedicated ECOM team, content and product setup and maintenance, inventory management, and product order management.

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