Why Choose On Base Military Marketing?

Why Choose On Base Military Marketing?

Did you know that the military market is a $12 billion industry? While a wide variety of brands offer their products on military bases because of its lucrative appeal, we also heavily encourage brands to do so in an effort to provide our military members and their families a taste of home, no matter where they are stationed. On base military marketing will expand your customer reach while supporting our servicemembers. The best part is that all you need is a military broker to get started! Learn more below about how to get your brand on base.

What is a Military Broker?

You have likely heard of a real estate broker or an insurance broker, but what is a military broker? A military broker is your key to getting your product onto a military base. They work exclusively with military retailers for on base military marketing, such as the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) or the Navy Exchange (NEX), and know how to get your brand on base quickly and market it effectively.

Why Use a Military Broker?

Not only do brokers help your brand get on base – they also provide specialized market knowledge to help your brand become successful in the military market. This isn’t your typical market: the military market is filled with a specific target audience with specific needs that don’t always align with the larger civilian consumer market. Brokers who are experienced in the military retail market know how to make your brand appeal to this audience and know how to send brand messages that will resonate with them. Brokers also help you navigate the logistics of doing business with the government, from headquarter sales, to supply chain management, to store-level stocking and product demonstrations. (Learn more about SMI’s support capabilities on our What We Do page.)

What is On Base Military Marketing?

On base military marketing uses marketing methods such as print ads, in-store advertising, store demonstrations, etc. to reach the military consumer directly. On base marketing can also be supported by contributing marketing materials to the military retailers’ email blasts, social media marketing, and ecommerce sites, to help drive traffic to the base. To begin on base military marketing, you have to jump through a different series of hoops than with the civilian market. The Department of Defense has strict regulations on what is allowed on base and who can advertise. It can be quite a challenge to make it through those hoops on your own, which is why using a military broker is the most efficient way to break into the military market.


When choosing a distributor in the military market, you need a highly knowledgeable, strategic, and trusted company that goes above and beyond just getting your brand on base. Specialized Marketing International (SMI) is the company that stands out for its end-to-end business solutions. We are your strategic management partner in navigating the complex policies and hoop-jumping involved with distributing your product to the military and on base military marketing. We are with you every step of the way, from beginning to end, to achieve your business goals. Contact us today if you’re interested in joining this market.

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