The Leading Military Marketing Services

The Leading Military Marketing Services

Reaching a niche audience like the military requires extensive industry knowledge and the right connections. Thankfully, we’ve already done the brunt work for you through our years of experience in providing the preeminent military marketing services in the country.

Why market to the military?

This audience offers potential for virtually every business, from big corporate chains to smaller emerging businesses and everything in between. That’s because the military audience makes up a $12 billion global market of military members, veterans, and their families. International military bases have consumers looking for products just like yours! Plus, the military audience is extremely unique in its brand loyalty and its demographics. As a result, we’ve tailored our military marketing services to take key traits like those into account to effectively target military members and their families.

What military marketing services does SMI offer?

At SMI, we utilize our omni-channel expertise to reach your brand’s maximum potential in the military market. In other words, we are your strategic management partner in navigating the complex world of military exchanges and commissaries on a global scale. Our strategy focuses on these fundamental military marketing services:

  • Ecommerce: our dedicated ECOM team ensures the online shopping experience of your brand is seamless.
  • Consumer Insight: our insight on the 30 million eligible shoppers within this market allow us to provide engagement opportunities, brand site activation, and sponsored placement and participation in specialty events.
  • Market Knowledge: we understand how the military market operates and consistently identify opportunities to boost sales within it.
  • Business Intelligence: award-winning tools and technology helps us collect data to further enhance strategy.
  • Category Management: our top-notch analytics team keeps a close eye on sales and inventory for forecasting performance.
  • Retail Services: we have team members in over 750 stores worldwide that provide on-site support .
  • Brand Activation: we find ways to invoke consumer engagement through promotional events, etc.

In other words, by honing in on what we’ve found to be the most effective, we’ve taken years of expertise and data-driven tactics and formed it into successful campaigns for each of our clients. So, for more details about each of our services, click here.

The reward is greater than the risk in becoming part of the military market. If you’re interested in these rewards, contact us today.

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