How SMI Executes Successful Military Marketing Campaigns

How SMI Executes Successful Military Marketing Campaigns

The military market is huge – it’s made up of approximately 37 million service members with $1.2 trillion in buying power. Grabbing just a fraction of a share in this market could benefit your business tremendously. At Specialized Marketing International, we can help your brand tap into this market. With our successful, data-backed military marketing campaigns, we get servicemembers interested in your brand. 

Data-Backed Strategy 

At SMI, we don’t let your products just sit on the shelves – we generate interest in your product through data-backed marketing strategies. We direct your ad spend most effectively and efficiently by using our data. We understand military demographics better than anyone, and we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. 

For example, we know that 68% of service members find ads more meaningful when they see ads on-base, and 43% who saw an ad on social media ended up buying the product. Insights like these prove to be extremely valuable when it comes to executing successful military marketing campaigns and tactics. 

Engagement Opportunities 

Each military retailer operates with different strategies, budgets, and methods. At SMI, we use our insights and knowledge to provide your brand with consumer and brand engagement opportunities, brand site activation base-wide, and even offer sponsored placement and participation in special events. These opportunities can quickly increase brand awareness and drive sales. 

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Successful Military Marketing Campaigns 

Without a military broker, it can be challenging to get your brand on base successfully. When you partner with SMI, not only do we provide you with the expertise needed to execute successful marketing campaigns, but we also provide services such as ecommerce, business intelligence, retail execution, and more. With our decades of experience and data, we’ve connected hundreds of brands with military retail audiences and brought our service members a taste of home. 

Interested in bringing your brand on base? Please contact us today! We’d love to partner with you in supporting our troops. 

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