Military Marketing Retail Solutions

Military Marketing Retail Solutions

Retail marketing can be complicated. You have to take shipments, packaging, analytics, inventory, advertising, product display, and more into account for the retail process. Retail marketing to the military can be even more complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! At Specialized Marketing International, we are experts in military marketing retail solutions. We take the difficulty out of retail marketing and make sure your brand successfully enters the military market. 

Why Market to the Military? 

Marketing to the military can help you reach a large new market. Military Exchanges serve a unique customer pool of over 30 million eligible shoppers worldwide! While a wide variety of brands offer their products on military bases because of their profitable appeal, we encourage brands to do so in an effort to provide military members with a taste of home, regardless of where they are stationed. On-base marketing will expand your customer reach and create loyal customers on and off the military base! 

Military Marketing Retail Solutions 

At SMI, we can help you get your brand on base and help you market it to consumers. With at-the-shelf service in over 750 stores worldwide, our dedicated field management team can provide tailored retail solutions designed to face each client’s unique needs and challenges. We offer several retail services, including:

Product placement for launch, reset, or seasonal focus

Promotion execution and point of sales set up

 Real-time reporting and image capture

Inventory services and audit

Retail activation and customer engagement

Retailer associate product knowledge training

Scan-based trading services

Specialized Marketing International 

At SMI, we offer more than just military marketing retail solutions. After we get your brand on base, we provide comprehensive support through all parts of the sales journey. With our consumer insights and extensive military market knowledge, we can help your brand reach great success within the military market. So, contact us today to bring your brand on base and support our service members! 

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